Glasgow Brewery Collective

A place for all coming soon


Glasgow brewery collective is a social enterprise dedicated to creating a Scottish first, a taproom and event space that is 100% accessible for people with disabilities. It was conceived by Dave Lannigan, Head Brewer and founder of Ride Brew Co, who is officially disabled through loss of hearing and suffers from ADHD and dyslexia. We plan to be completely accessible to people with a range of disabilities, catering to wheelchair users, people with mobility issues, people with impaired vision, the deaf community, people with hearing loss as well as hidden disabilities such as autism.

Joining Ride Brew Co in the project are Late Night Hype and Bute Brew Co who will lend guidance logistical support and equipment. We hope to be able to expand the project to other venues as well as create a road map to help other breweries and bars to make their own premises more accessible for people with disabilities. Often small changes can make big differences.

We intend to provide well paid, meaningful employment for people whose disabilities mean that they are struggling to find work.

We’re also big on beer. We think Glasgow has some of the best breweries in the UK, from the smallest cuckoo breweries to macro lagers, and we͛re looking forward to being able to showcase their talent in a place where everyone can enjoy it.